The Proposal by Paul William Schulz - Outback Oasis


  • Add a road that divides Country Club Road, enters/exits on a curve and is the only access to/from site.
  • Build 40,000 sf of commercial space on Outback Oasis location.
  • Restaurant, offices, conference center, retail shops, or health spa.
  • Multi story Assisted Living Facility up to 55 feet tall.
  • Numerous 2 and 3 story buildings up to 45 feet tall.
  • Up to 400 residences.
  • Increased noise and traffic from commercial activities.

The Issues


Country Club Road is a residential community, with winding tree lined roads, quiet neighborhoods, and open lands.  The Proposal is incompatible with the current and future development of the Country Club Road Community.  It does not comply with the Comprehensive Plan or land use  designations.


The present amount of residences on Country Club Road is an average of 2.87 residences per acre.  The proposal is to more than DOUBLE the amount of residences per acre, with up to 400 residences, not including clubhouses, community pool, tennis courts, OR the commercial development.


Outback Oasis becomes a Neighborhood Activity Center, that will include the addition of 40,000 sq. ft. of commercial space including but not limited to a conference center, restaurant, retail shops, office space, and resort/bed and breakfast. 


Up to 400 residences are planned that have maximum heights and number of floors incompatible with the homes along Country Club Road including:

  • single family detached home up to 2 floors/35 feet
  • townhome/single family attached up to 3 floors/45 feet
  • multi-family up to 3 floors/45 feet
  • Assisted Living Facility up to  55 feet.


The new road to be built privately will NOT be connected to Dundee Road.  All entry/exits including emergency exits will be on Country Club Road.  It will require adding a right and left turn lane at a blind curve on Country Club Road.  No traffic light will be added at Country Club Road and Dundee Road in the foreseeable future.  Traffic will increase dramatically from staff/employees, customers, diners, event attendees, cargo deliveries, and emergency vehicles.


Outback Oasis/Neighborhood Activity Center will increase the amount of noise every night and weekend when families and neighbors are home.  Noise from events, semi-tractor trailers, emergency vehicles, commercial air conditioners, and large back-up generators will be heard 24 hours, 7 days a week.



Planning Commission Case Nos. P-19-08 and P-19-09 Approved 01-03-2019 (pdf)


Outback Oasis PowerPoint (pdf)


Schulz Property 1-16-19 (docx)